Thistles - EP

Jesse James Burnitt

Americana, Folk, Singer-Songwriter - tales of life & love in the mountains, the desert, and the south. Comparing landscapes to relationships with subtle poetic metaphor, but leaving the doors wide open for individual interpretation. Beauty mixed with pain in complex simplicity.
This is Thistles.
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Jesse James Burnitt

Americana | Folk | Southern Gothic | Blues

Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter and Performer, Jesse James Burnitt channels a diverse set of influences into his own unique blend of modern Americana. 

Clever and catchy songwriting, poetic lyrics and a soulful voice that can range from angelic to a fierce growl.

Coupled with accomplished and enchanting guitar work, plus an expansive repertoire of cover songs from multiple genres, themes of love, life, loss, longing, and redemption are presented with an engaging honesty that invites the listener to pull up a seat, grab a few drinks, and enjoy the experience.  

Fans of Americana, alt-country, folk, blues, and roots music will enjoy a Jesse James GGBR performance as he seamlessly weaves through genres and engaging storytelling.

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Live Stream May 13, 2021


As time and the energy allows, I'll be posting some jam noodles, some cover songs, and some of my new songs I'm working on ~ acoustic and electric. 
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Much LOVE ~ Stay SAFE 


The show ran every weekend in February, with an encore performance in March, at The Roxy Theater in San Antonio, TX.
Show dates: Feb 7, 13, 21, 28. Mar15.
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 Solo shows are noted as such. Hope to see you out soon! 

Latest Track

I am hard at work crafting new songs in my home studio and will upload new tracks as soon as I have a good rough mix of them!

Latest News

I am currently working on fleshing out some great songs I've written over the last few years, recording rough demos in my home studio, and really trying to get some solid pieces for you. My plan is to have all these tracks recorded and demo-ready by the end of October, then I'll have YOU give 'em a listen and together we'll round up the five Best songs of the bunch. I'll then take those songs into a much better equipped studio (with someone much smarter and more patient than I at the board) and track them really well with some ace musicians. I'm superexcited to get this Music out!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for coming along on this ride with me!

All the Love in the Universe,

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - San Antonio

Feb 7, 13, 21, 28


I'll be back at the Roxie slingin' strings for the immortal Hedwig! 
Join us ~ rock out with your inch out!!


Very excited to be once again playing guitar for a limited engagement of Hedwig and the Angry Inch - at the Roxie Theater in San Antonio!

Shots by JoJo Dancer Photography